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Cthulhu: Death May Die v1

By January 28, 2022February 1st, 2022Boardgames, Sheet Updates
Cthulhu: Death May Die

We have to stop letting their fear shape us.

Wipe out hordes of cosmic horrors with your Cthulhu: Death May Die rules summary and reference!

Igave this one a miss when it first ran on Kickstarter – not another Cthulhu game with lots of miniatures! But over a year later I’d read good reports and I decided to grab a copy (and the season 2 expansion). It turns out Death May Die is a fun dicechucker and definitely worth having.

There’s the DNA of Lang’s previous design The Others and its corruption track here in the way that the more your character loses sanity, the more powerful they become. The rules are straightforward and the variety comes from mixing and matching different ‘episode’ packs and different Elder One ‘big bads’. That’s the Daviau influence: the individual cardboard packs with their sets of cards and counters. It’s big, random, silly monster-bashing fun of the kind that would make Mr. Lovecraft spin like a top in his grave, and in classic fashion there’s a big dust up with the biggest big bad at the end.

The production is of course exceptional, with Adrian Smith illustrations and horrific Mike McVey miniature sculpts. My only bugbear is the size of the map tiles; it’s quickly apparent that since you can have any number of miniatures on a space, and monsters tend to follow you around like a tentacular conga line when you move, the tiles just aren’t big enough for the job.

Cthulhu: Death May Die doesn’t particularly do anything new, but what it does do it does well, and it’s the kind of fun, thematic game that will give you a good laugh and inspire you to make silly sound effects while playing.


  • Steve Jones says:

    Thanks for another great game summary. I have played this and it’s expansions to death (pun intended) solo. I found you need to increase the character actions to 4 to successfully complete the majority of scenarios. But love it so much as it really ramps up the tension similar to the feeling you get playing Zombicide, where as the game progresses every move and dice roll count.
    Best Cthulhu game around in my book. Now thanks to your new summary I can start to entice my friends for a more interesting game and share the horror.

    • I’ve only played once and enjoyed it. Interesting you felt the need to increase the character actions, that seems strange considering they would have play tested a lot, though perhaps they wanted the difficulty level to be high.

  • Jake says:

    I’m not sure if my phone is not loading the most recent versions of the pages, but I looked for this in the listings for Board, Horror, and All but didn’t see it. I only found it by scrolling back through the updates. I’m sure a lot of people will be looking for this so I hope they are able to find it!

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