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Dystopian Wars Battle Report

By August 31, 2021December 15th, 2021Boardgames, Videos

It’s burned everlastingly in my memory.

It’s been a while coming but here it is at last: the epic Dystopian Wars battle report!

The steampunk tabletop miniatures game Dystopian Wars by Warcradle has been featured on the EOG quite a bit lately, and that’s because they keep sending me amazing miniatures and I keep enjoying painting them and playing the game. Case in point—this hugely entertaining battle report that Dylan and I filmed just before New Zealand went back into level 4 lockdown.

I think you can see for yourself what a good time we had! Check out this visually spectacular and highly entertaining game. Oh and by the way, if for some reason you’ve forgotten to subscribe to the EOG YouTube channel, make sure you hit that subscribe button (and that pesky ‘all notifications’ option!)

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