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Jutland, Abydos, Couronne – 3 New DYSTOPIAN WARS Battlefleets!

By December 19, 2023Miniatures Games, Videos

What fame, not even my dogs know me.

Three new battle fleets for Dystopian Wars – the Scions of Jutland, Abydos, and Couronne!

I’m constantly amazed how much STUFF Warcradle Studios releases for Dystopian Wars. I think it’s a fantastic steampunk naval wargame, but one wonders if the playbase out there is large enough to justify so many releases – they seem to churn out more battlefleets than Games Workshop does space marines! So in a (successful) attempt to catch up on the backlog, I’ve covered THREE new battle fleets in this video; all interesting and characterful options for starting a new fleet or adding to an existing one. Let’s check them out!