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Another Esoteric Chat with Mike (Gaslands) Hutchinson!

Everyone wants to be a movie star!

It’s time for another fun and fascinating chat about games with game designer Mike Hutchinson!

I was lucky enough to be contacted once again by the amazing game designer Mike Hutchinson, creator of the fantastic miniatures game Gaslands, who has a new game on Kickstarter called Hobgoblin (go check it out now).

Mike and I get along very well and have very similar tastes in gaming, so it’s always a pleasure to sit down and chew the fat about games. Here we chat not only about his brutal new fantasy battle system, but other games like Relicblade, Warhammer Quest, pulp cinema game 7TV, the new game he’s working on, and even roleplaying games, Dungeon Crawl Classics, and tips for winging it when you gamemaster! Enjoy.

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