The U. N. A. pushed back the Therians during the Trauma. 43 years later, humans launch a counterattack under the codename ‘Operation Damocles’.

The French company Rackham introduced their new pre-painted sci-fi miniatures game AT-43 with the starter set Operation Damocles, and produced some amazing figures before, sadly, going bust in 2010. I made a big investment in this game and it’s my sci-fi miniatures game of choice, and it’s probably a good thing for my wallet that they’ll be no more releases!

I didn’t like the game’s original unit cards so I made new ones myself. Here you’ll find all the cards redesigned into a much more readable and comprehensive format, plus custom-designed unit activation tokens. If you still play this excellent game, these summaries and references are a must.

Army Cards

Legacy Material

Here you’ll find all the original Rackham PDFs for AT-43. This was all made available on the internet at one time or another, and is provided here for personal use only.

Army Books

Update Log

Rules Summary & Reference

Date Version Changelog
Jan 2017 2.4 Added note to Therian reference sheet about relays and overseers
Jan 2017 2.3 Added note to Therian reference sheet about using each routine once per activation; improved grenade and nonstorm listings; lightened background

Army Unit Cards

Date Version Changelog
Various See files Current releases


  • Charles says:

    These are great looking. Thanks for your hard work!

    If you’re ever looking to part with any of your AT-43 stuff, let me know!

  • Tom says:

    Hey Peter-

    I’m a big fan of Dust Tactics, and was thinking of picking up some AT just for something different. Curious what you thought the strengths and weaknesses were between the two systems?



    • Universal Head says:

      Hi – sorry for the delay in replying, I’ve been ill. Tom, they really are completely different and I enjoy both. AT-43 is a full tabletop miniatures game in the style of Warhammer 40,000, and Dust Tactics is more of a board game, with miniatures on a large gridded map. I recommend both, but AT-43 is a larger, more complex game.

  • Marco says:

    Friends, dirt kangaroo in karmans army has wrong una logo on the card

    • Universal Head says:

      Outrageous, it will be fixed asap! Glad someone out there is using these. 🙂

      • Marco says:

        not only use them. love them at all
        better then original ones because of the rules written on the card

        really a wonderful job!
        here in my club we are re starting at-43 but a lot of warhammer players want to use their own miniatures. have you cards in levels to change pictures?

        • Universal Head says:

          Glad you’re using and enjoying them. I’m afraid supplying them in such a way as to allow players to change the images would mean a huge amount of effort – and I’ve already spent literally hundreds of hours on these. Hope you understand! 🙂

  • Marco says:

    of course!
    I would change pictures by my own, I can’t ask you to do it
    but I fully understand you

    • Universal Head says:

      Thanks mate – with 200+ summaries I get lots of specific requests – if I followed them all up I’d never get new things done!

  • Marco says:

    my friend… I found a miss in karmans cards: guide darius, a promo hero

  • SPC Atkinson says:

    I would like to know if there is some way for me to get my hands on therian miniatures these days. Sadly I wasn’t able to afford these games till recently, and I have since seen all of the stuff I wanted disappear or become extravagantly overpriced; even eBay is pretty bone dry. Does anyone have any suggestions.

    • Sadly, I would have to say that unless you’re happy with very small forces, the days of being able to get together armies of AT-43 figures are gone. Unless you stumble across someone wanting to sell an entire army or two, there’s very little left out there (except for some Karmans; they really must have made a lot of Karman figures back in the day).

      It’s a very sad state of affairs and it’s a shame that no one ever picked up the licence and ran with it. All the figures would have to be redone from scratch now as the last I heard, the original molds had been left to decay for various bloody money-related reasons. I still think there’s an opening for an alternative to Warhammer 40,000 and that AT-43 filled that gap, but it was all mis-managed and the opportunity was lost. Perhaps one day someone will resurrect the game via Kickstarter or something, but for now I think it is too late to get into it from scratch.

    • Mark says:

      There is an ebay seller from hong kong with original prints of the base set and some troopers. shoporiental is the seller I think. However, you’re paying full retail (adjusted for inflation) prices. Miniature Market in America are mega cheap ($2 for an army book) but shipping is horrendous. 3 army books was going to cost me about $70. Shame really, but you’ll be paying an absolute premium to play this game. I’m tempted to give it away and go after something modern and cheaper.

      • Unless you’re using proxies, sadly there’s not way you’d be able to get into this game now. There just isn’t enough original stuff left out there. Whether you’d bother using proxies for a game whose rules are still pretty rough around the edges (there was only ever one version) is debatable. I’m glad I have armies, and I enjoy it, but I wouldn’t recommend anyone bother getting into it now it’s dead and gone.

  • p! says:

    I am still collecting and playing the game. Nice to see, that there are some people around who also still like AT-43!
    Great Work!!!

  • Mark says:

    Found some good proxies which might fit the bill. I’d say the Sayx and Harvesters forces fit especially well for the UNA and Therions.

  • CK Lai says:

    And a very happy new year to you, UH…

    I’ve played a few games of what is probably (?) one of your favourite SF tabletop minis games (UNA vs Therians only, so far) and your material here has been absolutely invaluable!

    That said, I noticed a few items you might like to consider updating:

    1. Therian Overseer (Infantry and AFV) routines: “An overseer can use each routine once per activation”. Can’t seem to find this info in any of your rules summaries or cards and it was a major question that popped up.

    2. Army building: not sure if you want to add this, since your rules summary skips lightly over this part, but I didn’t realise this till AFTER I’d played a game:

    “• A company can only have one rank 5 officer;
    • A platoon can only have one rank 4 officer;
    • A unit can only have one officer;
    • A company must have at least one officer.”

    3. A small thing but you seem to be missing a photo of the Therian Assault Golem Overseer (and you used the photo of a normal Assault Golem instead) for your Therian cards. Would you like me to send you a photo of the actual mini?

    Other than this, many thanks again for this excellent resource for a greats but (sadly) dead game!

    • Excellent! This has been a huge project and it’s good to have another eye looking over it. Please send the photo, and I’ll check the other things you mention. Anything else you find, let me know! Thanks.

      • Note that bit about the officers is in the Recruitment section of the summary, but I have fixed the Therian summary sheet to include the note about using each routine once per activation.

  • CK Lai says:

    Great stuff, UH! The more I play, the more I appreciate the basic simplicity of the rules for this game. (Cue sad music and the usual laments about the game’s death).

    Sorry I didn’t notice the recruitment section in your summary, since I wasn’t playing with reinforcements just yet.

    Also, would you consider putting the grenade and nanostorm info from your rules summary (under the individual UNA, Therian, Red blok etc. sections) as a chart with the relevant symbols instead of what you have now? I know you’ve provided that info in separate cards but to be honest, I don’t use them as they are something extra that needs to be taken care of.

    I’ve also emailed the photos to you. Hope you can use them. If not, let me know and I’ll take new ones.

  • i-one says:

    I still collect and have 100 minis from the game from all factions but ONI (those are just over the top expensive)… I play now with my kids and it is simple and great looking. One can make mods to the rules if you find them too simple. Anyway glad there are ppl who appreciete AT 43 🙂

    • This is the last place on the internet that gives AT-43 any love, I reckon! 🙂

      • i-one says:

        Yeah.. I searched and find onIy this site. I also have biggish collection of Heroscape. The way I look at this I will play it with my kids and their friends. They don’t care if the games are discontinued or not. Also making terrain for AT43 is awesome!

  • briscoe999 says:

    Hello UH – on your Red Block cards Pages 21 and 22… the Groupa R Krasnye and RPG support team cards – 4 of the 6 cards show 8 figures on the team. All the other support cards show 3 figures. Is this correct? I am thinking all support team cards should show 3 figures, but i am not sure. Regards

  • briscoe999 says:

    PS – just watched your most recent AT-43 play-through video again….Great Stuff!!

  • briscoe999 says:

    Sorry that I didn’t see this earlier when i posted the errors i discovered a few days ago, but i think there are a few other minor errors on the Red Block support teams (specifically RPG Groupa R and RPG Groupa R (Krasnye). To the left of the cards it says 3 Troopers with 2 Rocket Launchers. I believe it should read 3 Troopers with 3 Rocket Launchers for both cards.

    Also,is there a reason you also list the Standard Ranged weapon for all the support teams of all the factions? I thought the Support Teams are small groups of 2 or 3 figures with only the specific specialized weapons mentioned (Example – Sniper team, Flamer Team or Rocket Launcher Team). Or, are you listing the normal range weapons as well because these teams can use both?


  • briscoe999 says:

    UH – When you get around to “fixin” the AT-43 cards, i think i noticed another small item for Red Blok. It looks like for the (2) Hetman cards, you show a picture of a Kossack. The Hetman picture is actually the picture shown on the Odin and Mannon card (the pic when they are in the vehicle of course).

  • Dave Wilkin says:

    Checked out your vids on utube, and now checking out your site. Great resources for AT-43.A couple of us at the Bedford Gladiators, ( UK wargames club) were seriously in to AT back in ” the day” and recently I got my stuff out of storage, and we had a game down t’ club! I think the pics are being popped on the club site
    Do you know if the old Easy AT43 army builder software is still around?
    Dave Wilkin

  • Jimmy Zimmerman says:

    Wow what a great collection of army books and game. I was only tangentially aware of at-43 as I was out of gaming during that period (damn small children ruining my playtime;) !!) and by the time I was back the game was gone so I never really dug into it till now. Having noted a thread at Dakka about the IP being (finally) up for sale and some tantalizing tid bits about “amazing fluff” brought me here. Can say, WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED.

    A huge loss to wargaming this was. Seems like anything not just a 40k clone is destined to be ignored now. Such unique factions and styles and designs.

  • Hello UH,

    I was very excited about AT-43 when it first came out but was a poor gamer and unable to buy in. Over the last six months however, I have realized a long held ambition and managed to collect large and complete UNA and Therian armies and my group is halfway though the Operation Damocles campaign.

    I just wanted to thank you for your fantastic unit cards. The Rackham cards are practically illegible and I use yours in every game.

    You do excellent work!


    • I’m amazed you’ve managed to get decent armies together so recently, I thought there was hardly anything left out there. Join the forums and tell me about your experiences with the campaign, I’d love to hear them!

  • Phil King says:

    Many thanks for your hard work on this game. I got into the game just as it folded and sold it all off, including my Red Block army box , how l wish l had kept that one…..!
    I have now got back into the game and picked up a Damocles set from eBay plus some extra figures and machines. Due to the limitations of what is available it will never be more than skirmish gaming, this works for me as that is how l see the action taking place in the dark confines of the Damocles setting. I have limited my forces to the original UNA and Therians, l was never that struck on the Cogs or Karmans anyway.
    Your site is a Godsend, your cards are far superior to Rackhams, keep up the good work.

  • Josh says:

    Like the card.
    Didn’t see a PDF for operation democules or frost bite(sorry for the spelling).
    I still love the game and own all 6 armies. Found out teaming kog, oni, and therIans is over kill.
    I’m also working on expanding tactics and who appreciate any ides on how to handle vehicles.

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