Super Fantasy Brawl

Will you be the greatest champion of all time?

Last week a big box of Super Fantasy Brawl arrived on my doorstep from the excellent people at Mythic Games, who some time back kindly commissioned this rules summary and reference. I’d read some great reviews and was excited to get my hands on it, and I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest when I got it to the table!

This is an arena skirmish combat game in which three champions fight for each player, represented by some impressive-looking large miniatures, with colourful, bold artwork, a card-based action system, and drafting and team play rules. The system is streamlined and the gameplay fast and furious, and refreshingly, it’s not bogged down with pages and pages of special abilities, with just 6 cards for each champion somehow giving more than enough options to make the characters distinctive and the tactics interesting. I’m always in the market for fun, quick playing 2 player games, and this is right up my street.

There’s a battle report video coming next week, but in the meantime, download this rules summary and reference to make your games even easier. Let the combat begin!

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Date Version Changelog
Mar 2022 1 Original release

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