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How to Build and Paint Dystopian Wars: Part 3

You’re a dinosaur…. and I’m a meteorite!

In the final part of this Dystopian Wars: Hunt for the Prometheus series, I paint up the Enlightened!

Well here we are at the third and final part of this series, and this time I give myself a bit of a challenge by painting the Covenant of the Enlightened fleet in a tricky camouflage pattern. It took a while to do, but I hope you’ll agree the results are worth it!

Citadel paints used: Corax White (spray and paint), Abaddon Black, Ulthuan Grey, Dark Reaper, Fensrisian Grey, Rhinox Hide, Gorthor Brown, Ironbreaker, Stormhost Silver, Caliban Green, Moot Green, Coelia Greenshade, Agrax Earthshade, and Technical Tesseract Glow. For the SRS tokens, also Macragge Blue, Ice Blue, and Drakenhof Nightshade. For the templates, also Runelord Brass, Sycorax Bronze, and Niklakh Oxide.

But the Dystopian Wars coverage isn’t ending there! Warcradle Studios are sending me new ships as they come out, so I’ll have more unboxings and more looks at my painted ships as they’re released—not to mention a battle report of course. Also be sure to download my rules summary and reference if you’re playing the game.

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