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How to Build and Paint Dystopian Wars: Hunt for the Prometheus

That’s about as patriotic as it gets around here.

Allow me to show you how to build the beautiful steampunk ships from the Dystopian Wars starter set Hunt for the Prometheus!

Warcradle Studios got in touch with me a while back and offered me a copy of their new starter set for the steampunk tabletop miniatures game Dystopian Wars, once published by the now defunct Spartan Games. Since it’s a game that has always interested me, I was very happy to accept! It’s the perfect time to get into Dystopian Wars, and the set, Hunt for the Prometheus, includes a very impressive number of high quality resin and plastic miniatures. Let’s go through the process of putting them together shall we? Next up, of course, I’ll be showing you how to paint these models and get them ready for the high seas.

Keep an eye out for my Dystopian Wars rules summary and reference, and more stuff from Warcradle Studios—coming soon!

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