Painting Hellboy: Part 1

By April 18, 2019 Boardgames, Videos

Didn’t I kill you already?

Follow along with me as I paint Hellboy The Board Game!

There are a few miniatures-heavy Kickstarter games coming soon to the EOG studio (Batman: Gotham Chronicles is on its way, and Joan of Arc after that) so Iโ€™m determined to paint my way through the newest arrival, Hellboy The Board Game, as fast as possible.

This short series lets you follow along with me as I plough through the 100-odd miniatures in the deluxe set. I wonโ€™t be going into too much detail (check out my other videos for more tips), but it will show you how easy it is to get through what can be a very daunting amount of miniature painting in a relatively short space of time. Letโ€™s get to it!


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