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Shadows of Brimstone v1.2

Shadows of Brimstone

Hey, Blond! You know what you are? Just a dirty son-of-a-b-!

A bit of housecleaning in the Shadows of Brimstone rules summary.

Nothing major, just some improvements to the wording throughout and a few spelling errors fixed. We’re always improving things here at the EOG, striving for perfection!

I got the City of Ancients core set to the table last night for a four-player game. It’s a hilarious, simple, dice-heavy monster bash. We dived in boots and all with the Escape! scenario, which saw us all begin deep in the mine and trying to fight our way out. By the third room we were in a room full of pipes and blinding steam, assailed by monsters on all sides and dying like flies. Needless to say, we didn’t escape. Limping back to the frontier town, we found we couldn’t do a lot without any money, and failing to rob the local bank didn’t help. We’re injured, poor, and looking forward to our next foolhardy mission into the mines!Shadows of BrimstoneShadows of BrimstoneDon’t go anywhere near this game if you like strategy, clever gameplay, and balanced tactics. Run straight for it if you love rolling dice, making up funny stories about your characters, and dying horribly despite all your efforts to survive. Oh, and it looks fantastic when the miniatures are painted.


  • Mark says:

    “And it looks fantastic when the miniatures are painted.” Hmm, yes Mr Universal Head. And where were your painting videos on these miniatures? I’m very disappointed in you young man. Go to your room (and paint some more). Seriously though, love seeing your miniatures before and after. About how long did it take for you to get these miniatures painted up?

    • Ahh Mark, you’re a hard taskmaster. 🙂 I didn’t make a painting video for these as I thought I’d just be repeating myself really, I’ve already gone through the basic techniques. But I’ll definitely be posting up a showcase of the painted figures soon.

      As for how long they took, I paint a bit at a time, usually of an evening, so it’s difficult to estimate. These figures are very easy to paint – there’s not much fiddly detail at all. Actually the preparation took up a much longer than usual time. The night terrors (big blue guys in the pic above), for example, needed gobs of green stuff to fill the obvious joins.

      I was pleased to see that Flying Frog are going with a new figure production company, because these are pretty poor figures to be honest (and I’m sure they realise it, they just, understandably, don’t want to admit it). The contrast with the Wrath of Kings miniatures I just got is huge – they’re not only far, far more detailed, but any joins are cleverly designed to be hidden and the pieces lock together beautifully.

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