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Using Foamcore: Part 4

With those numbers, the room should be safe.

Watch me make a foamcore insert for CMON’s Rising Sun, learning as you go.

One of the slightly obsessive things I do as part of my hobby is making foamcore inserts for my games. I’ve made hundreds and hundreds of them over the years—almost every game in my collection has one—and there are many advantages to putting in the effort. Most obviously, they organise your game components and make setup and packup much, much faster and easier. They keep your game in great condition. Often you can incorporate trays which hold counters and cards as you play. But there’s also something else, which is harder to define: once I’ve made an insert and organised the components for a game, it makes me want to play it more.

Yep, that’s a bit weird but it’s true. There’s something about opening a game box and seeing the bits all laid out in order, easily accessible, that makes me more interested and excited about playing it, as it removes a whole level of hassle and confusion. I’m not confronted with a jumbled mess of zip-lok bags that have to be sorted out; it’s a collection of neat file drawers of carefully organised components awaiting its next outing.

So, if you’ve ever thought about making your own foamcore inserts, sure, you can use some of the ready-made plans I’ve made available on this site (and there are lots more to come in the future as I’ve enlisted some aid in that department), or you can watch this series of videos, where you’ll learn everything you need to know about designing and making them yourself. The first three in this series are my most popular videos ever, garnering an amazing 102,000 views between them (sadly, before I was forced to enable monetization on my YouTube channel!) Here, finally, is part 4, where you can watch me make an insert for Rising Sun and finetune your skills as you go. Be sure to watch (or re-watch) parts 1, 2, and 3 which will teach you the basics. It really is easy once you get the hang of it—give it a go!

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