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Wrath of Kings Battle Report 2: Part 1

By January 5, 2016July 26th, 2019Battle Reports, Miniatures Games, Videos

One last godly deed…

The EOG is back for 2016 with a very special Wrath of Kings battle report – al fresco!

Welcome back fellow members of the Esoteric Order of Gamers! It’s a fresh new year, and we’re kicking off in style with a fresh new three-part battle report, filmed entirely outside! It’s a first … aaaand, possibly a last, considering how the wind picked up in the course of filming this game. I do apologise for the wind noise, which unfortunately does increase as the game proceeds, but I thought the videos were entertaining enough to share despite the background noise. Perhaps if we repeat this kind of thing we’ll arm ourselves with personal mikes or wind socks or whatever it is that professionals use when they film outside on a windy day – until then, I hope you enjoy this bit of al fresco wargaming.

And of course, a very happy new year to all EOG members – spread the word, my pretties, our dominion must increase!


  • razide says:

    Great game so far. Very deadly with a lot of high rolls.
    Funny that Will’s bloodlust over took his strategy.

    The wind noise is ok – it goes with the look of your landscape.
    I wouldn’t trust those sea-gulls though ….. I’m sure their beady eyes were focusing on your figures as something to take off with.

  • CK Lai says:

    I think I was looking more at the background than the game 😛

    Great stuff, as always!

  • Sean Reynolds says:

    A great video. Lots of gaming awesomeness. FYI rule. You cannot combine activate specialists. You should have activated your shield breakers One at a time. Only a leader can combine activate a unit and specialists are solo activated models.

    • Wow, you can’t combine activate specialists? Where does it say that in the rules, I must have missed that?

      • Sean Reynolds says:

        Page 9:
        Specialist – Specialists are units that operate individually
        from the rest of the army, often bringing unique skills and
        abilities to the army.

        • Thanks Sean, you’re correct. I just had that confirmed in the WoK forums: the reason is that to perform a combined activation all activated models must share a trait. Since specialists have no traits, they can never be activated by a combined activation.

          • CK Lai says:

            Ditto your overall army commander. If he/she doesn’t share a trait with the troops, they can only be activated and benefit from that commander’s training only. Not the Inspire.

  • Sean Reynolds says:

    Also, your Pelegrín have shield wall.. When he rolled a 8 & 2. The pelegarth was in contact with another friendly model and he rolled a 2 which is a block(X). It allows you to cancel a single hit (8). Your pelegarth should not have died

  • LEIGH says:

    Loved this game report lads, looked like fun and loved the setting..

  • Sean Reynolds says:

    Hey guys. Meant to ask if I can get copies of the army summary aides in the videos. The ones that show a small pic of the model plus the abilities, etc…

    • Yes, it’s very handy, but I don’t have any way of translating it for general use at this stage. It’s in inDesign, and I make up the sheet before the game, tailored for the army I’m fielding (copying and pasting together just the references for the units I’m using). If I can work out a way of making it usable I’ll make it available, but I doubt it’s something I’ll get around to in the short term – sorry about that.

  • Keith says:

    Can I come and play a gam with you by the ocean?

  • Nino baldassarra says:

    Loved these videos got me inspired to get cracking on my WOK house nasier so i can get to playing some games . On another note i really like your modular table im going to give it a go myself later on down the track

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