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Action Points #018: Warcry, Joan of Arc, Sleeping Gods, Blood on the Clocktower

By August 27, 2019Action Points, Videos

It’s an insane world, but in it there’s one sanity, the loyalty of old friends.

Action Points is back, and this time it comes with a special co-host!

Action Points episodes like this one don’t come along very often—not only is it jam-packed with news about painted miniatures, new games like Warcry and Joan of Arc, upcoming games like Sleeping Gods and Blood on the Clocktower, but you get two hosts for the price of one! Yes, my old gaming buddy Will joins me for this month’s AP, and that also means lots of new battle reports are coming soon. Not only that, but we’re also bringing you a batch of new ‘thankyou’ bits smack dab in the middle, along with some very special Knight supporter level thankyous (and they’ll be more to come in the upcoming battle reports). Now let’s welcome Will and—enjoy!

Patrons thanked: Stewards Luke Dennis, John Rosenløwe, and Art Silverio. Knights José Tomas Viegas Conduto, John Barker, and Andrew Dale.

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