Undaunted: Normandy

June, 1944. Through the D-Day landings, the Allies have seized a foothold on the beaches of Normandy.

This small-but-perfectly-formed card game with terrain tiles landed with a big splash, and has been universally praised for its clever mix of deck-building and tactical play. You control a small squad immediately following June 1944’s landings at Normandy, either as the Allies pushing into the French countryside or the Germans trying to hold them back.

With the small number of troops at your disposal in each of the game’s 12 scenarios (you can link them together for campaign play) and the fact that each squad member card has an individual personal name, you’ll feel a more personal connection to them and a need to carefully use each to the best of his capabilities. But you’ll still have to make hard choices and sacrifices to optimise your deck depending on the scenario’s goals.

There’s a wealth of play in this small box and the game is really engaging. Undaunted Normandy feels like a more intimate Memoir ’44, which is high praise indeed as the latter is one of my favorite games.

I most also mention the clear and functional graphic design, especially the ingenious bar at the bottom of each scenario which allows you to pick the required terrain tiles quickly and easily.

If you need more detail before adding this one to your collection, check out the truly exceptional Shut Up & Sit Down review (and be sure to stay until the end).

Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Feb 2022 1.1 Control action updated as per Reinforcements update
Mar 2020 1 Original release


  • Jeremy says:

    Brilliant summary! Thank you a billion for sharing.

  • Andrew says:

    Out of curiosity, were the other elements of reinforcements added or just the change to control?

    Love your stuff, its in all my boxes!

    • I’m not sure offhand – it’s been a while – but if that’s all I mentioned in the update log that’s probably all I felt was necessary to change.

      • Andrew says:

        Hi, thanks for the reply.

        Its just missing tbe vehicle bit etc from the new cards.

        Amazing resource regardless, keep it up.

        • This is just for Undaunted: Normandy. Rules for vehicles weren’t added Undaunted: North Africa.

          • Andrew says:

            A few new keywords and vehicles were added in Undaunted:Reinforcements for Normandy.
            Rifleman with new attacks could be brought into the main game.
            Such as antitank, grenade etc.

            I just didn’t know if they would be added to this or a reinforcements guide would be done.

  • lagouyn says:

    In the section Actions > Movement Actions > Guide, the rule indicates that a suppressed combat counter can’t be moved.
    However, in the section Actions > Movement Actions > Move, the rule doesn’t say anything about suppressed combat counters.
    I’m wondering why it’s mentioned for Guide, but not for Move.



    • Because they’re different actions. If you do a move action, you can move a unit. If you move a unit using a guide action, you can’t move a suppressed unit. It’s exactly as it appears in the rules.

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