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Shadows of Brimstone Painting Guide 1

By February 11, 2015February 12th, 2015Boardgames, Figure Painting
Shadows of Brimstone Painting Guide 1

If you shoot me, you won’t see a cent of that money.

A showcase of painted figures from the Shadows of Brimstone City of the Ancients core set.

Recently I finished painting all the figures in one of the core sets for Shadows of Brimstone, City of the Ancients, and the results are displayed below. They’re pretty quick and easy to paint actually, mainly because they’re not particularly detailed miniatures. The time-consuming part of the process was the preparation, as the joins (especially on the limbs of the night terrors and the goliath) were very rough and needed to be filled in with gobs of green stuff. Despite my efforts you can still see the join line on the night terror on the left. But never mind, these are boardgame figures, almost always seen from a distance, and once you get them painted and on the illustrated map tiles, they look great! Hopefully these will inspire you to get out the paints and finish your figures off if you haven’t done so already.

Oh, and note these have been sprayed with a protective coat of semi-gloss varnish, so they’re slightly glossy (and I also painted full gloss varnish on to the goliath’s tongue for that extra-slimy look).


  • WonderSlug says:

    Great work, Peter!

  • razide says:

    Fantastic. They are great looking boardgame pieces.

    Can look forward to a seeing a video’d game between Will & yourself in the future ?

  • Sorastro says:

    Nice one Peter! I’ve got (and love) the game and can’t wait to paint the figures; Unfortunately they’ll have to get to the back of a rather long line :/

    • It’s been more than 30 years (gasp!) since I started painting figures and I don’t think I’ve ever been to the end of that line. 🙂

    • PaulC says:

      Sorastro! I am learning so much from your Imperial Assault painting tutorials, thank you SO much for them! *But* this post is aimed at UH (Peter) : Dude you are such a perfectionist and have been painting for so long that you take for granted the basic techniques that I am desperate to learn. I understand that you feel as if you would be repeating yourself if you did a tutorial on painting all the SoB figures but I would dearly love to see it. Did you use the paint sets put out by FF? I bought them both and was hoping to get the SoB core sets painted before I moved on to the Imperial Assault figures. But .. Sorastro’s tutorials have me wanting the citadel sets for Imperial Assault and then move on to SoB. I have all these minis from both SoB core sets just assembled and waiting for some brush-love .. wont you please give a brief tutorial like Sorastro does for n00bs like me? In exchange I will post my foam-core plans on how to get everything back into the boxes 🙂 ( Yeah you need both boxes for all the tiles, cards, tokens and minis but I worked it out!)

      • Hi PaulC – Sorastro probably won’t not see any posts here – I re-post the videos from his YouTube channel with his permission, but I suspect there’s a chance he’d only read threads under his videos. Peter (Universal Head) here.

        Unfortunately I’ve almost done all these figures so I couldn’t do an in-progress tutorial, but why not start a thread in the forums about basic techniques? Then I (and hopefully others) can answer your specific questions.

        I just use my big collection of old Games Workshop paints as a rule. Specifically themed paint sets are a bit of a gimmick, as with a bit of colour mixing knowledge you really don’t need all the very specific shades that are commercially available, and you certainly don’t need someone to tell you the exact specific colour to use in every case. As a rule, I just find a picture of the painted miniature online and then use it as a guide while I paint, roughly matching the colours.

        Have you seen my tutorials for the Mansions of Madness figures? All the techniques there apply equally to these figures.

  • MarcellusWallace says:

    Fantastic job mate! I’m nearly done with the Swamps set. Just the heroes left and some work on the Harbinger.

    • Quickly did all the Hungry Dead the other day – I tend to spend as much time on a figure as the detail of the sculpt deserves, so they were done very qickly (mmmeeeooww!); plus another 6 tentacles and the rest of the heroes done. So making good progress on the Swamps set. Will be interested to see your Harbinger.

  • Philipp Weber says:


    Nice work! Are you able to give a breakdown which colours you used?
    Cheers Phil

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