Dust Warfare

The year is 1947, and World War II still rages, fueled by the discovery of alien technology.

Not many miniatures ranges can be used in two games, but Paolo Parente’s alt-WWII Dust range can see service in the boardgame-like Dust Tactics, or this set of tabletop miniatures rules by Games Workshop alumnus Andy Chambers. It makes collecting those spectacular tanks and aircraft, and the unfortunately generally less interesting infantry, an irresistible compulsion that you can convincingly justify to yourself.

I’ve yet to play this system but it’s gratifying to see the emphasis on suppression and reaction, two elements that probably don’t make it to tabletop miniatures games as much as they should. It should make for interesting games where keeping the enemy heads down is just as important as blowing them away, and attacking can be a risky proposition that has to be weighed up as part of a grand strategy.

This rules summary and reference covers the core rules and all the current expansions.

Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Oct 2013 1 Original release


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